Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Day I Dumped My Old Boyfriend And Got A New One

Okay so my ex boyfriend was totally gross! I seriously do not know what i was thinking i would say that it was the biggest mistake i'd ever made, but the results were very good. See, the next day was the 8th grade field trip to Islands of Adventure, I had just agreed to going out with the guy the day before, but i was already regretting it. I saw him in the morning before the field trip and i was so grossed out.
So i met this other guy on the bus, actually i already knew him, sorta. He was my best friend's ex crush, well, at least my friend told me that she didn't like him anymore. So i hung out with him that day and i started to like him, and i could tell that he liked me too, but he had a girlfriend, so i didn't try anything too obvious.
At one point i saw Cether and i knew i had to run away, i wasn't ready to dump him yet. The other people me and my new crush were hanging out with were getting food so i took Mario, my new guy, and we escaped. I guess that was the best decision i might have ever made, because that was when we finally got to be alone. We hung out, and it was sortof like we were a couple, except for the underlying truth that was our still existing relationships with other people. But then he told me that he was having second thoughts about his girlfriend, i was so happy. Later on i broke up with Cether and Mario broke up with his girlfriend, and about half an hour later, he asked me to be his girlfriend, and i said yes. My best friend was sooo pissed when she found out, and i ended up losing her, i felt bad, but she was sorta bitchy anyway,so i guess i'm glad its over. Me and Mario have been together for almost two months now, my first real relationship.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Prom

About a week ago was my 8th grade prom. It was so fun, though I was a bit uncomfortable because at school I'd found out that I got my period. I was so lucky that my friend had brought a pad, but it was uncomfortable because I had decided to wear a thong. I still partied my legs off, though. Two of my teachers had a dance off, it was hilarious, actually it's on youtube. Go and type in HOM dance off. It's hillarious.

My New Beau

Hey everyone! Ola Pifi, contactame en mi email I'm going to change it so send me an email if u read this and I'll send my new email.

Okay, so I just got a boyfriend. He's not hot, not particularly smart. I was considering rejecting him, but then I thought, why not give him a makeover instead? He has this weird afro-thingy which I'm making him get rid of. I'm also going to get him to burn that nasty sweater he never takes off. I swear, it's like 90 degrees here in Miami, if he keeps on wearing it, he'll start to stink, and then I'll have no choice but to dump him because I hate stinky boys. I'm also going to tell him to stop wearing shorts, they makes him look like a total geek. Last, but not least, I'm stealing his disgusting Avatar backpack, and never giving it back. He's a fuckin' 14-year-old wearing an Avatar backpack. I'm still not sure whether I should dump him or not, he's nice so it would make me sad to have to dump him.

What do u guys think? Should I dump him? Tell me what you think.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Hello to whomever is reading!
My name is alex (duh), I haven't written anything for a while because I gave up on my blog after I stopped being graded on what I put in it(it used to be an assignment for english). I'm writing here again because I came up with a very good idea for a story and I thought I'd write it here. I do not live in Colombia anymore, I moved. Which is sortof funny considering I'd written about moving and leaving my friends in one of my previous posts, and now I'm doing it again! Anyway, I may start posting my story today, or sometime next week. Comment please! I don't care if it's something mean, be brutally honest. Please inform me if my story totally sucks. Bye!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Sexual Abuse

For my teen life project, I’ll be doing sexual abuse. For this post I found my information in wikipedia.
What I learned was that sexual abuse, is that it is when a person forces another to perform sexual acts. Physical forced sexual acts are called rape. While psychological forms of abuse can be called stalking. There is sexual abuse from teachers, which is when a teacher gives unwanted sexual attention to students. Also, there is sexual abuse from members of the same family which is called incest .
I tried to make little, but detailed information so some people can understand better and I’ll have more to write about later on, sexual abuse is a very serious and very important topic. I think that what I read was very informative because there are some things I didn’t know about sexual abuse that I learned here, like that sexual abuse from members of the same family is called incest. That is one the part of sexual abuse that interests me the most, incest, it is a very serious problem. Like if you feel that you are in danger of getting raped when you are walking on the streets and then you get home where you are supposed to feel safe and protected because the only people in your house are family. WRONG! You aren’t safe anywhere, it is a cruel world where you have to be careful that you don’t let any member of you family, especially of the opposite sex, into your room and close the door with a lock, like maybe with your mother it is okay, but with more distant family like an uncle, aunt, or cousin, you should definitely be careful. If any family member starts acting you in an inappropriate way, then you shouldn’t stay quiet, you should tell another
adult, so that he or she can do something about that, like tell the police.
I have heard stories in the news about sexual harrasment from teachers like a teacher that started sending porn to students by email, and teachers that force students into performing sexual acts by threatening them with school-related things. No matter what a teacher threatens you with, you should never give in to that kind of sexual harrasment because that is never right.
Also, never think that just because you are male you are safe from sexual abuse because that is completely wrong, ther is sexual harrasment from male to male, or homosexual abuse. There is sexual abuse from women to men also.
For my next post I’m still going to do sexual abuse, but I’m going to focus on sexual abuse of minors since at it is more important to us since we are minors too. There are very auful stories about how minors get raped by I the streets or that crazy people sneek into their houses when their parents are away and rape them. Like I heard this story on the radio where a man found this girl walking on the streets and hit her head with a piece of wood so she went unconscious, then he raped her, and after that he ate her, so he was a canibal as well as a sexual abuser.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

School Environment

There are some questions about school environment posted in the teen life wiki that I thought would be fun to answer.

My favorite thing about my school is thatyou are almost never bored, at recess thereare many things to do like, eat, play soccer or basketball, go to the library, or just talk to your friends. Teachers are cool, and once in a while we get fun projects that we do in class. And on holidays, stuco plans fun things.

I feel good about school I love being with my friends, and learning new things. The only times I get kind of nervous about school is when I get so much homework that my brain hurts, or when report cards are coming.

If my school were “ under construction” I don’t exactly know what I would do because it depends on wether the school is open or closed. If it is open, then I would just go and try not to distract myself too much watching the construction. But if the school were closed, then I would have to find a way to study at home or go to another school in the meantime. What would be really bad would be if my school caught fire or something very serious like that, that would be very bad because then everybody would have tolave the school for a year or two before it opened again.

Friday, February 2, 2007